Tips For Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond

Tips For Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond

Diamonds come in different shapes and one of the cuts that women love is the emerald cut diamond. Diamonds in any shape can be a good choice as long as it has a proper proportion. Let’s take a look at the ideal ratio of an emerald cut diamond and tips for buying an emerald cut diamond. When buying diamonds, learning about the details can be helpful to get the one that we truly desire. Tips and advice can help, reading about diamonds can also be a good way to know if the diamond we are getting is good enough. Choosing a reputable jewelry store whom we can rust is also important.  So we are sure that the diamonds we get are certified.

Tips For Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond

Know the History of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are derived from table cut diamonds which originated 600 years ago. The cut was originally made on emeralds to prevent it from chipping and getting cracks. It was then tried on diamond , and it created a beautiful effect and from that time on it has been one of the shape that customers look for

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

Emerald cut diamonds are diamonds cut in the shape of an emerald which is elongated and with beveled corners. It has two to four rows of facets with a larger surface. 

When to Go Emerald: The Pros

Emerald Cuts Can have Better Clarity

Due to its large table and long facets the emerald cut shows the clarity of the diamond and creates a beautiful and unique confident look. Its smooth surface enhances the color of the diamond and makes this its focal point. 

Less Likely to Get Snag

Due to the beveled corner of the emerald cut diamonds it can be protected from getting snagged, compared with other shapes that should be handled with care. Emerald cuts can be perfect for a woman who works with her hands all the time. With these features it is more durable than other shapes too since they have a lesser possibility of getting chipped or cracked.

Emerald Cut Looks Larger

Some women prefer large stones on their rings since it adds to the beauty, and it is more attractive. The ring can look more valuable if the stone is bigger and that’s why emerald cut diamonds can be a goodc choice.What’s more it’s elongated shape can make the fingers of the wearer appear longer. 

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Popular?

More and more people are looking for something unique when it comes to diamonds , they want something different from the common shapes. So customers start to go for the emerald shape since it is unique when it comes to its shape. 

What To Look For When Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond?

  • Colorless emerald shaped diamonds will be the best choice. However since colorless diamonds are expensive and hard to find nearly colorless grades G to I can be a good alternative. 
  • Clarity grades that are perfect for emerald cuts will be those with higher grades since inclusions are visible due to its large table. If you have a good budget then VS2 can be the best choice but SI1 can be a fine choice too.  Clarity matters most in emerald cut diamonds so choosing the best can be a big factor. 
  • For the cut, getting experts to do it for you will be best since the ideal cit ratio should be 1:50.  There are measurements that can determine if the emerald cut is excellent and only an expert cutter can evaluate and do it. Having an excellent emerald cut diamond can make your diamond more durable and good-looking at the same time. 

Follow these tips for buying an emerald cut diamond, and you will surely get a good one. Diamonds are expensive, and you should  get what you paid for. Take the advice of your jeweler and let them help you in choosing the perfect diamond as well as its settings and metals.  They are more knowledgeable and know best when it comes to diamonds. Use your own research plus their advice, and you can surely get the most ideal emerald cut diamond for your ring.