Factors To Consider When Configuring Your Dedicated Server

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A dedicated server is said to be one of the finest platforms to host your business website or blogging website. Simply put, when the physical server and hosting services are all concentrated on a single website, it is called dedicated server hosting.

It is used by numerous large-scale websites on the internet due to all that it provides. With the increasing awareness of dedicated server benefits, the number of hosting service users migrating to dedicated servers is increasing, too. 

The overall performance of your website depends largely on the quality of services your provider offers. Choosing the best dedicated server hosting provider is paramount if you want your website to perform at its best. Once you have chosen a provider, you will have to configure the server, and that is where the skills lie. 

Let us understand some important factors to consider while configuring a dedicated server!

3 Factors To Consider For Dedicated Server Configuration

  • Location

We do not usually pay any heed to the physical location of the server, however, we must, because a dedicated server is hardware and has a physical infrastructure. The distance between the server and users is directly proportionate to the performance of your website. This means if the two parties are close, the performance will be good. 

But if the two parties are far away from each other, say Sri Lanka and California, the performance of the website will lag. This is because the more the distance, the more time it will take for data transmission. This is why you are advised to purchase the dedicated server that is located near you!

  • Type

There are two types of dedicated server hosting services: managed or unmanaged. The providers help you customize the dedicated hosting plan by providing the option of managing the website, configuration, and settings or leaving it up to the customers. With managed dedicated hosting, the service provider will manage and maintain the website and offer any technical support whenever needed (advised if you have no expertise in the hosting field). 

This is not the case with unmanaged dedicated servers. The management and maintenance of the website is the website owner’s responsibility. You can opt for this one if you have expertise in the field or have a team of staff dedicated to managing the website.

  • Operating System

You can choose the operating system for your server; it can be Linux or Windows! The Windows operating system is exclusive to Microsoft devices. Unlike the Windows OS, Linux is suitable for any and every server device, making it the first choice for most website hosting service users. With the help of control panel tools like cPanel, dedicated server configuration has become easy.


Your choices while configuring the dedicated server affect the functionality and management of your website. It is important to make informed decisions while keeping all the hosting and website aspects in mind. Since a dedicated server comes at a considerable cost, it is crucial to choose the perfect path while configuring!

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