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People choose to relocate for different reasons. For some, they just require a change of environment, for others it is work. A large category of people relocating is however doing so for school purposes. This means that these individuals might require online loans at some point in their quest. There are several online loan companies available and this can get confusing for an individual which is why platforms like OpinionesEspana were created. You can check up different user reviews on online loan companies on this platform and make your decision afterwards.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of immigrants, out of which a lot of them are individuals who are relocating for education, most especially furthering in the business school. Relocating for academics requires that they get good sources of financial advice in Spain so they do not get stuck along the line. 

The country has quite a several business schools to pick from, thereby allowing you to have options. These various business schools are of different types; some even have international recognition and they also have a selection of courses they offer. 

Some of the courses offered by these schools are Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Education for Managers, and specializations in various specialties. 

A question on most intending student’s mouths is “what are the best business schools to apply to in Spain”, the information required in such cases include info on the programs offered, if they are accredited, the number of fees to be paid, what language the program is taught and many others. 

Some available business schools are;

Schellhammer Business School (Malaga)

Initially known as Marbella university. This school is one of the few with British accreditation. Programs offered by this school are an MBA, a BBA, plus some bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business, psychology, and humanities also. The school is also accredited internationally by ASIC UK. 

Schellhammer business school is located in one of the peaceful locations that are a few minute’s drive from the city centre. There are options of accommodation available to students if they wish. 

Esade Business School

This business school is a great choice as it imbibes innovative technical advancement into its mode of teaching. It is also a great place for individuals who wish to expand their network of connections as it is a campus with multi-national students. 

The institution has been recognised for many awards including the ‘Best MBA for women in Europe by the financial times’. Hence it is one of the most recognised business schools in the whole of Europe. 

IE Business School

IE is a multi-faceted business school that places a lot of value on internalisation. It offers over 100 MBA programs and master’s degrees in other fields. Students from this school have been shown to have high employability skills, giving them a better chance at employment. The school has once been ranked as the 3rd business school in Europe in the financial times.

The above-listed business schools are not the only ones available in Spain, but they can be said to be one of the best. They provide students with opportunities that go beyond the classroom into the real world. 

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